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Today, Maroney has transitioned into the entertainment industry and appears on shows such as Bones and Heart of Dixie.Between the two he took home nine gold medals from freestyle, butterfly and medley swimming competitions. She was a key performer in the famous Magnificent Seven and sacrificed a chance to compete in the Individual All-Around to win the gold with the rest of her teammates.The hockey event has gone down as one of the greatest victories in gold medal history.

He never turned professional but did snag 9 gold medals and 3 silver medals throughout the 12 Olympic Games he participated in.From a young age, her love of the ice was undeniable and she won her first gold medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics.He still competes in World Championships, much to the dismay of his doctors wishes, and pushes through the pain of various injuries hes sustained over the years.He became a part of the World Boxing Hall of Fame as well as the International Boxing Hall of Fame.Edwin Moses A true competitor at heart, Edwin Moses tackled one of the most difficult challenges any Olympian dreams of conquering; the track star won 2 gold medals for the Hurdles event.

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