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"Let's go to bed honey" she purred "and you can try to get hard by closing your eyes and imagining me being fucked by some big black cocked stud"!

Paul and Sabi fucked like animals for a solid hour with Sabi coming three times.

" Sabi said "When we started dating I was fucking my best clients at the club on a regular basis, I stopped all that because I started going out with you, and surely you don't want me to start again..." Paul went quiet and did as Sabrina said and turned the computer back on, and reluctantly returned to the website he had been jerking off to.

"Listen Sabi" pleaded Paul, "I really love you and I don't ever want to lose you, it's just that I feel so depressed lately, and I feel that I'm letting you down by not being a good provider.

When she came in he looked startled and tried to shut down his computer, but hit the wrong button in his haste to hide his obvious erection, and left it open at the webpage he had been watching.

Sabi was horrified to see that he had been watching porn on a website with a bunch of black guys gangbanging a petite white woman with short blond hair.

She watched the screen mesmerized for a few seconds as one of the well hung studs slid his big black cock into her obviously sopping wet pussy as she sucked another one of the guys' cock.

"What the fuck are you doing, you pervert" She shouted at him.

I just don't feel we have a sexy enough live any more, not like we had when we started dating." "Paul!

Paul is a certified electrical technician and I have experience in the retail and promotional trades, we are interested in your advert and we are willing to travel both for interview and, if required, for work.

We are both good fun singly and together Paul is 5ft 10 inches tall, and very strong and capable. It was a week later that Sabi rushed home after finishing her shift, she bounded in the door and into Paul's arms, sex had been better the past week and she was excited.

This was just a fantasy that I was jerking off to, nothing serious, honestly honey." The website was still open on the computer and there on the sign-in page were pictures of white women (predominantly blonde with bit tits) sucking cock and being pounded by both black and white guys, obviously chosen for the size of their cocks.

Sabi was astounded that she was a little turned on herself by the images.

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