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It’s not because I love it, it’s because I know this is incredibly popular, but I just don’t get it. On me, J’adore smells quite synthetic, like fabric conditioner or air freshener. When I wear this I envision a giant bouquet of white flowers. J'Adore is gorgeous even though I would not choose to wear it myself because it leans too heavy on the white florals and just isn't my style.

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Turns out that the melon-pear accord is what makes it so special to me. A great perfume that will give me happy memories for the rest of my life.

The longevity is phenomenal been on my hand since early this morning and it’s still hasn’t faded. White floral – sweet fruity – amber Color impression: gold to scarlet You may come to believe floral fruity fragrances are least formal compositions that usually display a happy flat sugary ambiance, but surprisingly J’Adore demonstrates a palatial prestige made by accurate assemble of delicious fruity notes of pear, melon, peach and dark jammy plum, orchestrated around dusky white floral heart of jasmine, rose and tuberose.

This symphony of glamour ends to a soft amber and rendition of musk and candied woody floral base.

My favorite Dior so elegant and classy glamorous sweet and very happy perfume. I like the fruit scents of melon orange plum peach in the parfum and the florals magnolia violet rose orchid freesia many flowers.

The dry part is soft with some musk and with vanilla smell like soap and powder.

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