Energy bill mandating 36 billion

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Shaw said that because refiners are still using a big chunk of renewable fuel credits held over the last few years, it provides more room for ethanol to be blended once the credits are used up.The credits are given for each gallon of ethanol that is blended into the gasoline supply.Without Congress stepping in, the EPA is free to interpret the goals of the program, which in the past has landed the agency in court.The oil industry wants Congress to reform or repeal the program, which lawmakers are expected to address at some point in the legislative session.

But the ethanol industry and corn growers will be looking for new markets.The credits can be bought, sold and traded according to the need of oil refiners to comply with the RFS.The credits are given to the EPA by refiners to show that renewable fuels have been blended.Corn ethanol has reached its official limit under the Environmental Protection Agency's renewable fuel program, which means other less-developed, low-carbon fuels will have to step up to fill a 21 billion-gallon gap by 2022.Depending on where you stand on the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard, the cap on corn can be a blessing, a challenge or a curse.

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