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All brand names and product names used in this book are trade names, service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Raw Therapee Developer: Gábor Horváth and the RT Team Purpose: Multi-featured dcraw-based FREE converter for RAW files Description: Based on Dave Coffin’s dcraw conversion engine, Raw Therapee adds adjustment tools that allow you to make full use of the extra quality that the basic conversion provides.

The publisher is not associated with any product or vendor mentioned in this book. First, it lets you select the actual demosaicing algorithm (EAHD, HPHD, and VNG-4) used for making the conversion.

Acknowledgments I’d like to thank my editors Kezia Endsley and Abi Saffrey for their many helpful comments and recommendations. cnet I wish cnet would make up its mind if it’s cnet, CNET, or c|net, but its review sections are deservedly popular, with concise, professional coverage of all the latest cameras. Informative, yes, but can it help you make up your mind? There are “first impression” reviews from current trade shows, but the full reviews feature a standard 44-point analysis that addresses each camera’s image quality, handling, portability, control, ease of use, and other key aspects. Few other sites can match its intelligent organization of cameras by brand, with current models indexed by thumbnail images. principle the conversion software that came with your camera and to any other converter to which you have access. icing Demosa E1C0971 3/20/10 PM 72 Part III: Keeping Costs Down .......................................................................................

I also wish to thank all the staff at John Wiley & Sons who have helped to bring this book to publication, especially Chris Webb who commissioned the original project and Ellie Scott for her meticulous day-to-day liaison. I highly recommend DCI because the reviewers always bear in mind the question of value. It is comprehensive in its listings, but selective in those it chooses to review. From Invenda Corp, is one of a group of review sites run by Consumer (others deal with products like cars and mountain bikes). Figure 9.1: Raw Therapee’s comprehensive interface. Reproduced from on: Windows 2000 onwards; Linux Terms: FREE (donations welcomed) Web address: Photo Processor Developer: Andrey Tverdokhleb Purpose: Mac-only RAW conversion with four-channel white balance Description: Raw Photo Processor (RPP) is a Mac-only RAW converter that acts much like a film development process, but its output requires further attention in an editor such as Photoshop.

He is married to Thai cookery writer Oi Cheepchaiissara. To help you get your bearings there are feature articles, such as “DSLRs on a shoestring,” which points out that you can now pick up a good DSLR for the price you might once have paid for a point-and-shoot camera. Its reviews are well indexed (but if you want to find Lumix you have to know it comes under Panasonic), and are drawn from other sites such as Steve’s Digicams. Its reviews are detailed, well-written, and thoughtful. Digital Photography Review Covered at greater length in Chapter 31, “Online Photo Communities,” DPReview revolutionized the art of reviewing popular cameras by going into real depth. nterpola veon s Only Fo different, non-i My advice is to try it and compare the a work on results to those you normally get from .Microsoft Product screenshots are reproduced with permission from Microsoft Corporation. Road test: Somehow, the name is derived from “THe Experimental RAw Photo Editor,” but it seems less experimental all the time.ISBN 978-0-470-68726-0 A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. It is one of the best of all RAW converters, bar none (see Figure 9.1).E1vii 3/24/10 AM Publisher’s Acknowledgments Some of the people who helped bring this book to market include the following: Editorial and Production VP Consumer and Technology Publishing Director: Michelle Leete Associate Director—Book Content Management: Martin Tribe Associate Publisher: Chris Webb Executive Commissioning Editor: Birgit Gruber Assistant Editor: Colleen Goldring Publishing Assistant: Ellie Scott Project Editor: Juliet Booker Development Editor: Kezia Endsley Content Editor: Céline Durand-Watts Copy Editor: Abi Saffrey Marketing Senior Marketing Manager: Louise Breinholt Marketing Executive: Chloe Tunnicliffe Composition Services Compositor: Thomson Proof Reader: Sarah Lewis Indexer: Thomson E1viii 3/24/10 AM Contents PART I: TAKING BETTER SNAPS WITH A CHEAPER CAMERA 1 Chapter 3 1: Getting the Best from a Low-Cost Camera How Cheap Is “Cheap”? All full reviews are accompanied by full-sized example photos—one of the best features of this outstanding site. The content is consumer-generated, but one section is devoted exclusively to reviews by professional photographers. Steve’s Digicams Founded by Steve Sanders (Tampa Bay, Florida), Steve’s Digicams is a major review site that now has a small team of writers and editors who produce reviews for it. It works on RAW files from all traditional RGBG-Bayer-based cameras such as Nikon and Canon DSLRs and most small cameras with RAW support.3 Getting to Know Your Camera 7 Ten Universal Questions for Every Shot 8 Chapter 2: Why Most Snaps Fail to Impress 11 Some Common Errors 12 What Makes a “Good” Snapshot? Although these cover only a small selection of cameras, each one runs to several pages—and you are guaranteed to get an informed opinion based on extensive use of the product. E1C0436 3/19/10 PM ........................................................................... Working with Price Grabber.com, it provides “shopping box” links for users in both the United Kingdom and United States, with listings for the top eight or ten stores offering the product. Missing is support for non-RGBG-Bayer and Foveon-based cameras.

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