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I was still trying to think of an argument when I realized I WAS topless. There we stood in the middle of the hot tub, two strangers, naked.

My heavy firm tan breasts free.“Stand up, let’s see them up close.” He reached out and pulled me up out of the water by my hands. ” I said as I got off his lap but stayed standing in only my thong.“We both may be married but my wife is a fat bitch and your husband had to leave and yet you stayed, I think there is a naughty lady wanting to break free of that 'trophy wife' shell.”He then peeled off his swim suit his hard cock popping out. You complained that tops didn’t count, well, now I am naked and you are not…”I just stared at his cock. In a blink of an eye, he moved me to the side of the tub and on my back, with him between my legs and his cock sliding into me!

I worked out three days a week to stay fit for my husband. The beaches were topless, so I had no tan lines above the waist.

The bars were closed so I took a bottle of tequila from my room with a salt shaker and limes.

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