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She winked at the stranger again and turned to ask Martin if they could get down on the floor and do the cowgirl position so the stranger could get a good look at her ass being spread and her pussy getting fucked. As Beatrice got off the chair it was Martin's turn to wink to the stranger as he clearly unlocked the patio door, but didn't mention anything to Beatrice.He laid down on the floor and Beatrice sat on his cock, then lowered her chest to his so the stranger would have the best view possible.She loved it when Martin was forceful with her, and unfortunately those moments were few and far between, so she tried to take advantage when they came up.She saw the stranger look her up and down slowly, and he smiled approvingly. She looked down, then looked back at the stranger and winked, then asked Martin to release her right hand so she could play with her breasts for the stranger.Childbirth had not gone easy on her 5-foot frame, but luckily, she had kept the big breasts and the wide ass.Her hair was long, down to her waist, and although she liked to dye it, tonight it was her natural colour, dirty blonde.

As the massage went on, his hands would drop more and more often to her butt, and each time he would pull down her underwear a little more and rub her ass a little longer, spreading her cheeks and pussy lips a little more and a little longer each time. He began to slowly kiss down her spine, and once he made his way to the top of her ass, he pulled off her underwear, spread her and kept making his way down, until he was kissing her asshole.He looked up and saw someone approaching the patio door from their yard.The man was in his forties, with thin, horn-rimmed glasses, and from where he was standing he could see everything.Martin saw his wife reach for the wine, pouring herself a third cup for the night. With two young kids to take care of, time for sex was hard to come by, and this was a clear signal that soon, time would be cleared and Beatrice and he would see to their needs.They finished watching an older episode of Game of Thrones (they were still working on catching up to the end of season 7) and headed up the stairs to their bedroom.

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