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Start with a clean slate so you grasp the secrets of truly low rates quickly.It's Easier Than You Think Credit card processing fees are not as confusing as many processors would like you to believe.But before you jump into the guide, consider these important points. Much of the information available online and off about credit card processing is erroneous, slanted with sales jargon, or both.To get the most from this guide, do your best to disregard what you've learned from pushy salespeople.It pays interchange fees to the bank that issued the customer's card, assessment fees to the card brand (Visa, Master Card, or Discover), and a markup to the processor.Interchange and assessment fees are fixed costs that remain the same regardless of which processor a business uses. The most competitive credit card processing solution is the one with the lowest markup over the sum of interchange and assessment fees. The ability to differentiate the components of credit card processing cost is critical to securing competitive pricing.JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America are examples of large issuing banks.

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