Sexting via snapchat

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As expected, some did use the app for X-rated pictures.

Fourteen percent of the surveyed population admitted to previously sending sexts via Snapchat.

Thus, the University of Washington study collected a very small sample size in comparison to the amount of users present, and focused on adults rather than the app's key demographic.

If you do send inappropriate texts through Snapchat, just make sure you remember that the app is not without consequences.

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The photos disappear, but that doesn't stop the person on the receiving end from quickly grabbing a screenshot and circulating the photo beyond its intended audience.

However, the people who still do so regularly clocked in at slightly less than two percent…not quite the percentage many of us suspected.

The study concluded that the main use of the app is based on the concept of sending funny texts rather than it’s previously assumed appeal of sending self-destructing racy texts.

Granted, it has a handy self-destructing feature, but any use with quick hands can screenshot the photo in a second.

Snapchat provides a quick and seemingly innocent way to share photos with friends, family, and even strangers.

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