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- Or else, if you wish to install the kernel build/debuginfo data into a place where systemtap will find it without the "-r" option: % ln -s /path/to/kernel/build/tree /lib/modules/RELEASE/build - Instead of using the "-r" option, you can also use the environment variable SYSTEMTAP_RELEASE to direct systemtap to the kernel data.The GNU C Library, commonly known as glibc, is the GNU Project's implementation of the C standard library.Or if desired, build elfutils separately one time, and install it to /usr/local.

Or if your kernel is near 3.5, apply the uprobes and related patches (see NEWS).

If desired, create "stapdev" and "stapusr" entries in /etc/groups.

Any users in "stapdev" "stapusr" will be able to run systemtap as if with root privileges.

On modern Fedora, # debuginfo-install kernel [...] (Beware of confusion between kernel vs.

On modern Fedora, # yum install systemtap systemtap-runtime Build steps: - Consider installing the kernel-debuginfo, kernel-devel, gcc and dependent packages (or see below if you are building your own kernels from source).

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