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His most popular videos are 'I have to deal with Stereotypes', 'My Dad is Asian' and 'Butthash Hero'.These attracted millions of viewers within a very short period. Penney offered him lucrative commercial opportunities. He has also collaborated competently with many You Tube celebrities like Jessica Lee Rose (aka Lonelygirl15), Philip De Franco, Ryan Higa (aka Nigahiga), Christine Gambito ( aka Happy Slip) and others.During his high school days in 2007, he had started posting comical videos on his own You Tube channel 'Kev Jumba' on the mundane activities of an Asian-American teenager.His personal experiences of life resonated with many Asian and colored people.Kevjumba passed by me on his bike and gave me a dirty look for no reason when I made eye contact with him.He once walked into our Queer Studies class on accident, and when he found out it was "Queer Studies" he started acting real rude.

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His hilarious video 'I have to deal with Stereotypes', earned him instant recognition as a comedian who seemed to identify himself with the audience.

With time the themes and content of his vlogs gained in maturity, and from March 2007 onwards his channel started gaining attention.

The famous Asian-American writer cum journalist Jeff yang of ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ praised Wu highly for his attributes.

His father, Michael Wu, a Chinese immigrant from Taiwan, is a software consultant by profession.

Kevin has never disclosed anything about his mother. He completed his schooling from Clements High School, Sugarland, Texas in 2008.

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